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About us

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Our motto

Open Smart Cities for a brighter future.

Our missions

To improve the citizens’ quality of life, while enabling participation in their cities’ decisions and making services accessible and digital.

To help the government to better understand and satisfy the needs of their citizens through Smart City solutions.

Open Smart Cities Logo
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Core Values

Open Source

Open Source

Open Source is a philosophy we believe in. It means our source code is freely available and is free for modification and redistribution. Check our platform page for more information!

Transparency Smart City


Transparency for us means that we will always be honest and open when communicating about our services, products and results, with all parties involved in the business.

Smart City Cooperation


We believe that cooperation is what makes products great. Through it, we can improve the life of people from a human-based perspective, taking into consideration everyone involved. It also means we have an extensive network of people who are constantly working towards improving the technologies used in our services.

Our Team

Markus Luckey digitale Stadt

Dr. Markus Luckey

Senior Manager at UNITY AG

Andreas Linneweber digitale Stadt

Andreas Linneweber

Senior Manager at UNITY AG

Sebastian Befeld Smart City

Sebastian Befeld

Business Manager at UNITY AG

Michael Gollan digitale Stadt

Michael Gollan

Business Manager at HYPERTEGRITY

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Our Clients

Our Ecosystem

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