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Use Cases

We would like to introduce our Smart City Use Cases to you. Some of our Use Cases are still in development or even in the idea status. Nevertheless, we would like to give you a general overview here. Please let us know if you would like to discuss any of the use cases with us. We would be very pleased!

This Use Case is still an idea. We have already given it some thought and maybe even created our first MVPs.
This Use Case is currently under development for productive use in a city or community.
We have already implemented this Use Case. It is ready for operation in your city.
smart cities use cases

Culture & Leisure

The inner-city retail trade is facing major problems and is increasingly challenged by online trading. Smart Local Shopping is the solution for a lively city center, a flourishing retail trade and satisfied residents. The reason? Shopping becomes an experience again, a visit to the city center is fun again and becomes a crowd puller!

Retailers can market their offers in a central catalog, customers can find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently, and community cash registers are pleased with increasing revenues. A bonus point system attracts customers to the city center and a rating system ensures a modern shopping feeling à la Amazon and Co.

Concept Phase

Find a restaurant, have the right phone number at hand, pick up the phone - and then no one answers! The reservation process often runs like this or similarly, in gastronomy, at the hairdresser and many other services. Why? Operators of such stores have their hands full and sometimes don't have any free time to answer the phone.

Smart Reservations is the reservation system for successful guest management and appointment management throughout the city. From reservation to optimal occupancy. We say goodbye to the analog reservation book and hello to digital reservation management!

Concept Phase

Would you like to offer your citizens and visitors events and guided tours? Should the visitors also receive hotel offers and transport facilities? Do you actually want to offer the full package and vary according to the theme and subject of the event or tour? Then the event manager will help you.

Our booking manager is a modern software solution for marketing, planning and implementation of individual and group travel to your city or municipality. The Booking Manager supports you in all phases of city marketing: from the preparation of the offer, the booking confirmation, the planning and execution of the trip, to the billing. Thanks to its modular structure, the booking manager can be individually adapted to the requirements of your city or municipality.

Selected functions at a glance:

  • Support of individual services, e.g. city tours, sightseeing, concerts, open-air events, etc.
  • Booking of regional hotels, accommodation and catering services
  • Sophisticated master data maintenance incl. import function
    • Customer and service partner management
    • Hotel and accommodation management
    • Any price information can be stored (e.g. seasonal prices, all-inclusive prices, package prices, ...)
  • Administration and accounting of guest services
  • Support of travel price insurance certificates
  • Integrated billing and dunning process
  • Interface to your accounting system
  • Extensive business management evaluations
  • Possibility of integration into your website

Ready for Operation

Culture is an important pillar in a city's offerings to increase its own attractiveness for its citizens. Often, cultural offerings are linked to the sale of tickets - be it concerts, performances or folk festivals.

In a Smart City, tickets can be booked via a central contact point on the Internet. Whether digital or physical events on site. The Event Tickets Manager allows new tickets to be easily entered on a central platform. Different partners, dealers or event organizers can offer their tickets in a joint presentation. Tickets can be offered in different categories and price groups. The organizer can easily maintain his event and view and edit the visitor list. Existing ticket systems can be connected.

For citizens, the Event Tickets Manager offers a modern platform that can be accessed via all digital channels (website, mobile app, ...). Citizens can reserve and order tickets via the website as long as they have access to the latest information about the event in question.

Under Development, soon to be ready

Kultur und Freizeit digitale Stadt
Kultur und Freizeit digitale Stadt
Mobilität digitale Stadt


Find a parking space near your destination, buy a parking ticket and manage the parking time quickly and easily. The SmartParking system is a complete, end-to-end solution that combines a network of sensors, displays and live gateways with a powerful and intuitive web-based platform. Infinitely scalable, the beauty of our system lies in its user-friendly dashboard. Cities and municipalities get access to monitoring of parking areas, events and information are managed. Analyzing traffic flows, recognizing trends and interpreting data has never been easier.

Concept Phase

Mobility management means making the most diverse goals and needs visible, negotiating and harmonizing them (see Fig. 1). For a fair control of commuter flows FAIRMOBIL therefore plans innovations on three levels:

Integration with existing Smart City & Mobility data FAIRMOBIL plans to systematically integrate existing infrastructure and data sources in order to create an economical and future-proof solution. Thereby the project also contributes to the digitalization of the cities according to the Bitkom Smart City Index.

Digital, acceptance-oriented incentive systems for fair mobility

Up to now, behavioral science research and applied computer science in the field of sustainable, fair mobility have only interlocked selectively with each other. With acceptance as an explicit factor in the modelling of a dynamic incentive system, FAIRMOBIL enters new scientific territory. Especially by involving the different stakeholder groups (such as city, public utilities, companies and citizens) to control commuter flows, the negotiation of fair mobility measures is achieved, which also allows thinking 'out of the box' (e.g. dynamic Park&Ride, coordinated home-office, etc.).

Personalized incentives and creation of public mobility awareness

Fair solutions require a mutual understanding of each other's situation, wishes and constraints. To this end, an open citizens' portal is being designed, through which everyone can obtain information about the mobility situation in the city and bring in their respective needs and interests. Furthermore, an incentive-based mobility assistance as a web-app component is planned in order to promote and simplify the change from usual mobility practices.

Concept Phase

Sustainable urban mobility is one of the biggest challenges facing cities around the world and an issue that affects many citizens, retailers and entrepreneurs. A key aspect in meeting this challenge is the organization of evenly distributed and therefore reduced urban traffic. This leads, for example, to less pollution, greater road safety and a better quality of life.

In order to cope with this problem, innovative technical solutions are required in addition to legal regulations. This is where the "Smart Home Office" service comes in. "Smart Home Office" enables companies and professionals to meaningfully coordinate home office activities in different areas of the city through data-based intelligent predictions. The aim is to achieve an even distribution of home office working days for the entire week across the various parts of the city, thus spreading city traffic evenly.

For users and data providers of "Smart Home Office", highly transparent and secure ways of data provision, data storage and data sovereignty are realized. The data providers are always aware of what their data is used for and how the data is used. Furthermore, it will be possible to easily switch the provided data between different environments.

Concept Phase

The traffic lights in your city or municipality are equipped with sensors that collect real-time data on traffic volumes. In combination with algorithms, this enables flexible traffic management.

This does not only lead to fluent traffic and the reduction of pollutant emissions and noise. It also improves the quality of life of the inhabitants and commuters and companies benefit from the increased attractiveness of the location.

Concept Phase

Mobilität digitale Stadt

Environment & Energy

By alerting citizens, emergency services and administration at an early stage, damage can be prevented and, in extreme cases, lives can be saved. The storm monitoring system detects local heavy rainfall events in your community and warns you of possible extreme weather. Thus, short-term damages are minimized by an early reaction of the emergency services. There are also great advantages in the long term: For example, the knowledge gained can be used to achieve advantages in the planning of available personnel and material resources.

Under Development

A functioning, efficient waste management system is one of the core tasks of cities and municipalities - very challenging in times of increasing urbanization. At present, waste collection systems generally follow fixed plans and standardized routes, and all containers are always delivered to and emptied at the same time, regardless of their fill level. This consumes time and loading capacity, generates unnecessary costs, noise pollution and is bad for the environment. Smart City Waste Management offers intelligent waste management solutions for cities and businesses to manage the waste life cycle cost-effectively and to improve the environment and the well-being of people.

Concept Phase

In a world where air pollution makes too many headlines, environmental, health and safety professionals need reliable and meaningful air quality data to make effective decisions. City residents are increasingly concerned about whether the air around them is clean. We design and deliver integrated real-time air quality monitoring systems. Our air monitoring systems are based on established sensor technology and allow easy measurement of air quality. So you can focus on creating a healthy and safe environment for the people in your city.

Under Development

Intelligent discharge sensors measure the discharge and distinguish between different types of liquids and materials. This allows real-time monitoring of sand, soil and water in any sewer manhole throughout the city.

Automatic control of the level of pollution, proactive notification of discharge problems and prevention of traffic jams, flash floods and possible damage to the city, businesses and citizens' property are just some of the conceivable benefits of such a solution.

Concept Phase

Umwelt und Energie digitale Stadt
Umwelt und Energie digitale Stadt
Gesundheit digitale Stadt


In order to ensure and improve the supply of urgently needed protective agents, such as disinfectants, protective masks, or spit protection, to system-critical facilities during the corona crisis, the city and district of Paderborn, together with UNITY, developed an online mediation platform for corona protection agents at the beginning of the crisis at the initiative of District Administrator Manfred Müller and Mayor Michael Dreier as well as Martin Wolf, CEO of St. Johannisstift (spokesman). The city and district use this platform for the coordinated supply of public institutions and system-relevant facilities. Private companies, institutions and associations can also indicate their needs on the platform. On the other hand, companies that offer protection means can place their offers quickly and easily on the platform.

The functions of the platform

  • Creation of different user groups for the protective equipment platform
  • Offer protection means
  • Notification of the need for protective equipment
  • Coordination and allocation of needs
  • Tracking of booking
Ready for Operation

Gesundheit digitale Stadt


Data is the new oil - In order to use this raw material profitably, expertise is needed to generate knowledge from data using algorithms. At least as important is an environment in which existing data can be experimented with in a simple and uncomplicated way.

The Data Lab is a digital web environment where every citizen can easily access existing open data and make initial analysis with the data. This makes the Data Lab the starting point for a new data-driven service, not only for experts. It will also give students easy access to the world of data analytics.

Under development

In our society, apps and smartphones accompany us every day. Digital teaching is more in demand than ever - VHS can also expand digital rooms as places of learning and exchange. Universities and technical colleges already offer it nationwide, and learning platforms are meeting with increasing interest. A digital VHS brings general further education opportunities into the digital age and makes the learning experience more flexible. A digital VHS is also particularly important when a personal visit to the VHS is no longer possible.

Concept Phase

Bildung digitale Stadt
Bildung digitale Stadt

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Housing Digitale Stadt


Estimating the value of real estate is required for a variety of projects, including financing, preparation of sales offers, investment analysis, real estate insurance and taxation. Smart real estate valuation combines various data sources on the property under consideration and enables a realistic valuation of a property. Complete transparency is in the foreground.

Ready for implementation

Housing Digitale Stadt


AR City Tour combines exciting developments around Augmented Reality (AR) technologies to provide tourists with a more enjoyable, accessible and exciting experience. The AR Tour Guide, which can be used at any time, offers travelers an exciting alternative to the classic tour guide - flexible, mobile and interactive.

First features

  • Guided city tours for tourists and citizens supported by Augmented Reality
  • Detailed information on historic buildings based on the current location
  • 3D visualizations of old and planned buildings

Under Development

Tourismus digitale Stadt
Tourismus digitale Stadt
Sicherheit Smart City


Often there are goods in a city or community that need to be distributed. Since this involves an effort that cannot be ignored, such goods are often temporarily parked in warehouses, garages or cellars and lose value.

Based on the generic protection platform from Paderborn, a goods distribution platform can be made available, on which goods can be offered, demanded and their distribution can be coordinated.

Concept Phase, Protective Agents Platform already exists

Much freely available information from citizens and sensors of a city or municipality can be used to make more informed decisions in certain situations such as disasters. These can be visualized and evaluated on a map (master portal), for example - depending on requirements. An example is location data that can be assigned to photos from Instagram or Twitter tweets. In case of evacuation, this information can save lives.

  • Geo-coordinate-related information can be visualized from the Open Data platform in the master portal
  • The user can show and hide information about layers
  • Data can be embedded as real-time information
  • Further expansion through additional use cases and the necessary data is planned

Concept Phase

Sicherheit Smart City


News and information are the be-all and end-all in today's society. The challenge is to place the right news in the right channels so that it is received and read by the target audience.

This is where IT can help. By intelligently connecting different channels such as Twitter, Facebook, website, Instagram, etc., all news concerning the city or municipality is forwarded to an interested reader group.

Concept Phase

Collecting data from a wide variety of sources can provide valuable information about the social, societal and infrastructural disparities in a city or municipality. Since such a disparity is naturally undesirable, targeted measures must be taken to counteract it.

The Smart Urban Development System enables the visualization and analysis of various factors and data sources on maps, diagrams, tables, etc. to actively support the development of cities and municipalities.

Under Development

Are you looking for a simple and smart solution to plan and execute your next event or even a whole season of events? Then we have just the right one for you. A variety of functionalities such as the creation of duty rosters with intelligent rights and access management, document management, audit-proof test reports, automatic push notifications in case of errors and much more. Launched by soccer Bundesliga clubs and tested there for more than 2 years, we now make our ORGA App solution available to all event organizers. You will quickly notice that ideas and everyday requirements from practical experience have been realized here.

Ready for Operation

Imagine you can digitally handle all errands to city offices. You can see the status of your requests at any time and decide which of your data should be forwarded to the respective offices. Encrypted communication, app security, authentication and identification of the user is a matter of course.

You provide the citizen with a platform that combines all different logins for Smart City applications in one login. The platform scores with high security, usability and adaptability.

Concept Phase

Verwaltungsdienste digitale Stadt
Verwaltungsdienste digitale Stadt
Bürgerdienste digitale Stadt

Citizen Engagement

Imagine that you can digitally draw the next "number" before your visit to the car office and do some important errands in the neighborhood while you wait.

Appointment Management enables all offices, stores and service providers to assign virtual numbers and manage queues. Citizens, customers or visitors can plan their appointments conveniently on their cell phones and view the waiting time.

Implementation will start shortly

The idea of the Open Data platform is based on a large amount of available data. A large part of this data can also be accessed by citizens. Therefore it is necessary to provide an appropriate platform and infrastructure. For example, temperature, air quality, motion sensors or other interesting data can be provided by the citizen.

It is particularly important that citizens retain full control over their data at all times. He decides whether data is to be anonymized or pseudonymized. He also decides to what extent the data is made available to whom.

Concept Phase

A Smart City solution lives from the integration of its users - the citizens! For this reason, we offer you the solution for citizen participation based on open source components. Smart Citizen Participation supports idea management, interactive citizen participation, a defect report and much more. This way, citizen participation becomes digital and the status of the individual process is transparently presented to the citizen.

Ready for Operation

Bürgerdienste digitale Stadt

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